2014-15 Academic Year

*Links have been provided for electronic resources, where available

FALL 2014

10 September 2014: Reading "Forum: Anniversaries." German History, Vol. 32, No. 1 (March 2014), 79–100 *6:00pm, 201 Moses Hall 24 September 2014: Reading (1) Jennifer Boittin. "Adventurers and Agents Provocateurs: A German Woman Traveling through French West Africa in the Shadow of War." Historical Reflections/Réflexions Historiques, Vol. 40, No. 1 (Spring 2014), 111-131. (2) James J. Sheehan. "The Future of the European State: Some Historical Reflections on the German Case." GHI Bulletin 42 (Spring 2008), 9-20 *6:00pm, 201 Moses Hall 8 October 2014: Graduate Student Research Peggy O'Donnell (Berkeley, Ph.D. Candidate, History), "Nazi-Organized Mass Grave Exhumations in the Summer of 1943" *6:00pm, 201 Moses Hall 22 October 2014: Graduate Student Research Jennifer Allen (Berkeley, Ph.D. Candidate, History), "Taking Place: Historical Practice in the Berlin Geschichtswerkstatt" *6:00, 201 Moses Hall 5 November 2014: Faculty Professor Edward Dickinson (Davis, History), "Methodological and Interpretive Questions in Researching Sexuality in Imperial Germany" *6:00pm, 201 Moses Hall 19 November 2014: Graduate Student Research Bianca Hoenig (Basel Graduate School of History, Visiting Researcher), "Whose Tatra Mountains? Property relations and the sheep question after World War II" *6:00pm, 201 Moses Hall 3 December 2014: Faculty Professor Andrea Sinn (Berkeley, History), "Jewish Spaces after WWII: Restoring and Reconstruction of Jewish Life in Postwar Germany" *6:00pm, 201 Moses Hall 10 December 2014: Graduate Student Research Alice Goff (Berkeley, Ph.D. Candidate, History), "A Statue Starts to Pray in Napoleonic Prussia" *6:00pm, 201 Moses Hall


28 January 2015: Graduate Student Research Terence Renaud (Berkeley, Ph.D. Candidate, History), "Socialism Rebranded: The Tortuous Reform of Social Democracy after 1945" *6:00pm, 201 Moses Hall 11 February 2015: Graduate Student Research Molly Taylor Polesky (Stanford, Ph.D. Candidate, History), "The Great Elector’s Table: Food and the Rise of Brandenburg-Prussia, 1640-1688" *6:00pm, 201 Moses Hall 25 February 2015: Faculty Professor Geoff Eley (University of Michigan, History), "Empire by Land or Sea? Germany’s Imperial Imaginary, 1871-1945" *6:00pm, 201 Moses Hall 11 March 2015: Graduate Student Research Anicia Timberlake (Berkeley, Ph.D Candidate, Music), "The Politics and Praxis of Children's Music Education in the German Democratic Republic, 1949-1989" *6:00pm, 201 Moses Hall 17 March 2015: Faculty Professor Peter Gordon (Harvard, History), colloquial lunch discussion *12pm, location TBA 18 March 2015: Graduate Student Workshop Topic: Begriffsgeschichte. Panel participants TBA. *6:00pm, 201 Moses Hall 8 April 2015: Faculty Lasse Heerten (Berkeley, Postdoctoral Fellow, Human Rights), "Imperial Gateway: Hamburg, the German Empire and the Making of a Global Port, 1860-1914" *6:00pm, 201 Moses Hall 22 April 2015: Graduate Student Research Ian Beacock, (Stanford, Ph.D. Candidate, History), "Kurt Hiller & the Invention of Queer Liberalism, 1908–33" *6:00pm, 201 Moses Hall 23 April 2015: Guest Speaker Justin Jumpol, (Wende Museum, Los Angeles, Exectutive Director and Founder), German history and public history in dialog. *Time and location TBA 6 May 2015: Faculty Professor Stefan Ludwig Hoffmann, (Berkeley, History), Human Rights in the 1990s. *6:00pm, 201 Moses Hall

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